Sankri (Uttarkashi)

Sankri (Uttarkashi)


Himalayas has got everything for everyone, be it an adventure junkie, a peace seeker, a foodie or a pilgrim. Everybody gets their type of vacation in the mountains. Everyone wants to escape the monotonous city life and live and experience the true essence of India .


Himalayas has got everything for everyone, be it an adventure junkie, a peace seeker, a foodie or a pilgrim. Everybody gets their type of vacation in the mountains. Everyone wants to escape the monotonous city life and live and experience the true essence of India .

But the question is where do we get to experience it ?

It’s pretty simple ! The real spirit of India can only be experienced only by visiting magnificent Himalayan Villages in India. Since Himalayan amd Alpine Villages gives you the opportunity to observe and understand the true culture of India. Travellers who seek to get the real feed of Indian culture and colors must take this Himalayan Village Tour.

Why Himalayan Village Tour?
It’s quite obvious that before planning a vacation this question might pop out in your mind that why Sankri Village Tour? Here it is why ! Sankri Village Tour is not just a holiday tour but a complete package that makes you forget the hustle and bustle of the city. The remote village of Sankri boasts a peaceful and calm environment perfect for those who like working remotely while travelling. The tour to the village make you experience the Organic Farming in real sense. You also get to understand the concept of Eco Sustainable agriculture once you land on the fields and work with the local people of the village. During the tour, our only aim is to let you feel the raw colors of India, be it trekking into the wild , visiting ages old valleys , living into the traditional wooden Alpine houses or experiencing organic farming

Himalayan Village Tours

Here are a few reasons why Himalayan Village Tours are best:
1. A Dive into the Culture:
Himalayan Village tours help you explore the true colors of Hilly villages. Know how people live their lives, their everyday rituals, their customs and a lot more. This tour lets you take a deep dive into the indian village culture. We take you through the lives of people which are still untouched by modernisation and commercial tourism.

2.Traditional food:
It’s the biggest reason to visit Himalayan Villages and especially if you’re a foodie. During the entire trip you get to relish numerous lip smacking dishes which you’ve never heard of. You also get to cook with the ladies of the village if you’re anxious about any of the recipes you like.

3. Wooden Houses:
A holiday is a complete waste if you don’t get a proper stay. In this tour you won’t get to stay in any star Hotel but traditional Wooden houses. These houses are built specially for travelers to help them explore the conventional architecture. From carved wooden doors to hand laid flooring everything you experience makes your trip an unforgettable one.

4. Organic Farming:
Think of villages and not farming . Not Possible at all !
Get to experience the organic farming in the mountains where people grow their meals on their own. Join people in the fields and get your hands dirty with pure soil of India.

5. A moment in the wild:
Since you’ll be spending your time in the Himalayan Villages so visiting the Himalayan forests cannot be skipped at any cost. During your tour we take you through the dense forests in the himalayas and let you enjoy the solitude which you’ve been looking for in the city. And If you’re lucky enough you might get to see some of the wild animals.

6. Stories from the wise:
Whenever you think of a village you get an image of old people sitting under a tree and narrating stories. Get to live this moment during this tour where you’ll get an opportunity to listen to stories from some of the oldest and wisest people of the village. The best part is that each story hides a valuable life lesson in it.



You will be welcomed and picked from Dehradun and then the road journey to the Sankri Village will begin. During the road trip there will be a couple of halts to soak in the beauty of mighty Mountains.

Once you reach your destination which will be Sankri, a secluded Himalayan Village amidst the mighty mountains, you will be welcomed by the people of the village and will be served traditional tea along with some snacks.
You will be shown your respective houses rich in traditional Himalayan Architecture made up of wood and slates.
In the evening there will be a bonfire along with meals.

Overnight stay in the Homestay or Hotel.


After having a wholesome breakfast in the morning you’ll leave for a small nature trails near the village. You will be taken there by a professional guide where you’ll witness the breathtaking views and raw form of nature. Along with the trek you will also explore the woods on foot by walking on the natural trails. Watch out for Paw Prints !

You will also get to eat some wild fruits on the way which you’ve never even heard of before in your life.

After reaching the hill top stay there for a few moments, click some photographs and then head back to the village.

Early in the evening you will get to cook with ladies of the village. You’ll learn some traditional Himalayan recipes which you’ll love to relish.


Day 3 has a lot of surprises for you as today you’ll hit the fields. You will join the farmers in the fields and learn how crops, vegetables and other edible things are grown organically without any pesticide chemicals. You witness how villagers manure their plants with organic compost and other methods to increase the fertility of the soil.

You will get to see a lot of species of birds and flora. Before the sunset you will get an opportunity for birdwatching and later witness and capture the spellbinding dusk.

Overnight stay at Hotel or Homestay.


Wake up to the chirps of the birds in the morning with fresh Himalayan Breeze rejuvenating you all over. After having breakfast you’ll leave for local sightseeing which will include visits to famous temples and other worth watching places. The visit to the temple includes visiting Someshwara Devta temple. It is believed that the deity is the protector of the valley and is worshipped in 22 neighbouring villages.

As it will be your last night in Sankri you will be presented a token of love by the villagers. At night you’ll be served dinner along with cultural performances by the villagers.


Have Breakfast and board your respective buses/cabs from where you’ll be dropped to Haridwar.

Take back a bag full of memories home.




GoclimbUp takes utmost care to ensure safety of its clients. However, in the case of any unforeseen mishaps,GoclimbUp LLP. will not be liable for any injuries caused or for loss of life. All participants would be required to sign an Disclaimer Form before the start of the program, without which they would not be allowed to take part in the trip/program/activities.


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