Sardarpura Jeewan, Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan)

Sardarpura Jeewan, Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan)


As they say the real India resides in the villages!
Village ! The word itself gives you a feeling of stress free life away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Just a glimpse of the rural India amazes you, then why not take a break from dull city life to explore the rustic India to rejuvenate yourself.



Reasons Why one should book Rajasthan Village Tour ?
As they say the real India resides in the villages!
Village ! The word itself gives you a feeling of stress free life away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Just a glimpse of the rural India amazes you, then why not take a break from dull city life to explore the rustic India to rejuvenate yourself.

India the country which boasts numerous villages that cater a perfect vacation with a spellbinding panorama and solitude. It is one of the major reasons that village tourism is rising and more people prefer spending their holidays in the villages instead of other places. They get to see the Rustic life, the charm of simplicity and of course a cultures of various communities.

Reasons Why one should book Rajasthan Village Tour ?
One of the main reasons to book Rajasthan Village Tour is to experience the true colors of Rajasthan, one gets to interact with locals of the village and live the lifestyle of the locals.

The tour comes is a complete package which gives you the real feed of Rajasthan, be it daal baati churma or a camel safari in the desert , be it witnessing the famous hand printing of clothes or learning to put on a turban you’ll experience all of it.

Rajasthan Village Tours

Apart from all this here are the major reasons to book this tour:

1. Rajasthani Culture:
This Rajasthan Village tour to Sardarpura Jeevan lets you witness the true colors of Rajasthan . Atithi Devo Bhava meaning Guests are God. This principle has been the part of Rajasthani culture from the time of kings. Guests are always welcomed with great warmth and enthusiasm which is a part of their culture.

This tour lets you experience the various rituals and customs of the rajasthani people and gives you an opportunity to live a Rajputana life yet simple.

2. Conventional Cuisines:
When it comes to Rajasthani Food its better not to say No because if you say no, you miss the opportunity to go to foodie’s heaven. Rajasathni food is famous around the globe be it the the ghee dripping Dal Baati Churma or the crispy yet soft kachoris. Most of the rajasthani dishes are made in ghee so if you like food and especially healthy food, this tour is for you.

3. Handicrafts:
Rajasthan has always been the leader when we talk about handicrafts. From carpets, to garments to jewelry to decorative items you will find everything handmade here. Camel leather products like shoes, bags etc are also very famous in Rajasthan. Rajsathani markets are a shopper’s paradise as it is very reasonable and indeed an opportunity not to be missed at any cost.

4. Camels, Camels and more camels:
The state is the house of the so called “ship of the desert” camel. Once you book this tour , you get an opportunity to go to Camel Safaris, riding a camel in the middle of the desert and listening to the stories by its owner, . And if you’re lucky enough to visit during the time of camel fair you’ll be spell bound by the charm of the festival and the number of camels as well.

Architecture of Rajasthan is as diverse as its people are. From the classical Indian to islamic architecture, you can witness both of them anywhere in the entire state. In the Villages the houses are made up of grass and mud and yet these simple houses manage to stand even in the hottest sunny days and the heaviest rains. People in Sardarpura Jeevan live in round , tidy huts with thatched roofs. The floors of the houses are plastered with cow dung and mud. These huts are perfect examples of conventional rural architecture.



You will be picked up from Sri GangaNagar, you will board your respective buses, cabs and head towards Sardarpura Jeewan. On your arrival you will be greeted and welcomed by the people of the village along with it you will be served famous sharbat. During the trip you’ll see how life changes when you move from urban to rural just within a few kilometers. Later in the evening you will be served tea along with some traditional snacks. After the tea there will be a short session by the villagers about the history of the village and customs and rituals of various communities living in Sardarpura.

You will be shown your Rooms for overnight stay.


Wake up to the chirps of the birds and have a wholesome breakfast prepared in Desi ghee. After ensuring your stomachs are full, you’ll leave for the village tour where you’ll see how different communities live together in a small village. After some time you will be takes to the fields where you will work with the farmers in the fields and enjoy tractor rides.

In the evening you will milk the cows and buffaloes along with the locals and you will be served fresh homemade butter. And if you’re lucky enough You might get an opportunity to milk a camel even.

Return to your mud houses in the evening for dinner and overnight stay.

You will also get to eat some wild fruits on the way which you’ve never even heard of before in your life.

After reaching the hill top stay there for a few moments, click some photographs and then head back to the village.

Early in the evening you will get to cook with ladies of the village. You’ll learn some traditional Himalayan recipes which you’ll love to relish.


After having your morning meals you’ll leave for Shri Ganganagar. The place is known as cotton king. Since Rajasthan is the largest producer of cotton In India you’ll get a huge variety of clothes and garments here in the market. You will get to shop handmade and printed garments , specially ladies suits and sarees.

After a day of shopping you will be taken to a famous homestay for overnight stay.
In the evening you will enjoy the folk dance and singing performances along with traditional dishes like dal bati churma and many more.

DAY 04: Back to Home

After having your morning breakfast you will be dropped back at sri Ganganagar from where you can head back to your homes.

Apart from shopping bags take home bags full of memories as well.



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