“He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary”

Since a major section of Himalayas falls in the Indian Territory, it gives us an opportunity to reach the unreachable and conquer the greatest heights of Himalayas. To reach the highest peaks isn’t easy at all but will power, determination, peace and the unblended love for the mountains gives many Indians wings to ascend each and every peak of the Mountains.

Himalayas is indeed one of the most fascinating climbs for the mountaineering sport and inspires the indian generation to reach and conquer every peak of the mountains. It’s not only the strong desire but also the patience, energy and determination of the generation to achieve the goal of becoming a mountaineer.

Prashant Rawat is one of such tough guys who has an inevitable desire to scale every mountain top whether small or big, easy or difficult. He is a high spirited young man who is indeed the most stubborn and gnarliest climber in India. Prashant was born to Pradeep Rawat In Sankri, a small village in Har Ki Dun Uttarakhand which is a place 13 Kms away from Kedarnath. His upbringing was quite different from the ordinary where forests were his home, meadows his playground and glaciers were his stairs to touch the sky.

Prashant is a certified mountaineer and an Alumni of Nehru Institute of Mountaineering Uttarkashi, a prestigious Mountaineering institute in Asia, where he earned the surname Tamang , who is a renowned legendary Climber from Nepal. During the early days of his mountaineering he was considered as the best candidate among his batchmates in NIM.

As a young mind Prashant loves to explore the unexplored and untouched peaks of the snow capped mountains. Being a ski enthusiast he loves to climb mountains and ski down those. Prashant says, “ Skiing gives me power and climbing gives me patience, The alpine breeze of Himalayas makes me feel alive, revitalise and rejuvenate my soul.” Rawat constantly pushes his limits by spearheading and climbing new routes and seeking something new everytime he climbs up and skis down.

Having 10 years of experience in the field Prashant has acquired expertise not only in climbing, skiing and trekking but has also learned to communicate with the nature. Over the period of years he has learnt a lot of lessons from wild and has great knowledge not only about expeditions but nature as well.