Prashant Rawat

Prashant Rawat “Snowleopard”
Professional Climber and Skier

Prashant, born in Sankri, to Pradeep Rawat’s home. “He is blessed with dependability, resilience and preciseness.”- Pradeep Rawat. He is Professional Climber from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi.


Experience:   8 years of experience as Ski Instructor and Climber with Great Indian Outdoors, Dehradun, India.

Highlight Reel:

I was born in the mountains; brought up in the forests, meadows were playground, glaciers were my stairs to touch the sky. One day, when I woke up in the morning, I went to find something that looks interesting and dreamt of skiing down. I found one peak, Kedarkantha that is 3480 meters and 13 kms from my home. I thought it would be possible to ski down from that steep slope if I took it at right speed and flow. It looked terrifying, but aided by courage I gave it a go. With trembling legs, I popped into the air, and came to land feeling a combination of adrenaline and satisfaction. This awesome feeling lasted a whole second before I rode at full speed into a massive ice. I am a gnarliest climber among the climbing community in India. I am a Pro skier and team leader for countless climbing, skiing expeditions and treks from the past 10 years. I constantly push my limits by trailblazing and climbing new routes, seeking new thrills in the High Himalayas. Now I see myself as breakout mountaineer who shares his skill and talent to guide others the relive the experiences of big climbing expedition, touring skiing, trekking, and kayaking with the Team “GoClimbUp”. I am always ready for extreme adventures, that’s even more unique, remote and far beyond imagination.

Highly ambitious:

I am very enthusiastic to make India proud by skiing down from a height of 6487 meters from Kalang peak. This skiing is very unique and one of its own kind because it has never been happened in India. I’ve been dreaming about this skiing since I was little. There is no official record of 6487 meters skiing till now in India. I am very excited to pen down my name in the skiing history in India by successfully completing this target of 6487 meters.

Personal Philosophy:

As a young mind, I believe in exploring and loving the unexplored and untouched snowcapped mountains. It gives me immense pleasure to explore age old peaks for climbing and skiing. I am a very keen ski enthusiast, skiing is in my blood and is my passion. Ski gives me power of freedom and climbing gives me patience. The alpine breeze of the Himalayas makes me alive, revitalize and rejuvenates my soul. Since past 10 years, exploring the peaks in the Himalayan ranges along with many other professionals, give me lots of learning and wisdom.
Goal: “ The world is yours to explore.”